"Lets Work together for the betterment of our society and our country."
- Rao Rajendra Singh (Shahpura)


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A great leader of Shahpura who believs in Hard work, truth, transparency and honesty. His place of birth is Shahpura and the birth date is 28th June 1958. He is always very keen to work for the improvements of our society and the country. Know More
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      (Online Village Community)
For the first time in Indian histroy of e - Governance services, Rao Rajendra Singh has introduced an online community of small villages of Shahpura and ViratNagar region. You can find various information related to population, literacy rate, number of house holds and other social development. Know More

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Shahpura (manoharpur) is the head seat of the Shekhawat Clan of Rajput's and the famous Shekhawati derives its name from it. It is named after the founder ruler of Shekhawat Maha Rao Shekhaji and the Manoharpur Shahpura Family takes pride in being direct descendent --- from Maha Rao Shekhaji. Know More


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Compare Present with the Past
A leader should ascertain and solve the problems of his people. He must protect the truth and he should himself be righteous. Rao Rajendra Singh has followed these things and has worked a lot for his people and countrymen. You can compare his work with the past. To get the complete comparative analysis Please click on Know More
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